Designing the Right Compensation & Benefits Strategy

Arriving at the right compensation and benefits strategy is not something that happens by chance. It requires in-depth experience, expertise and a deep understanding of not only your industry, but of the motivators that drive your ideal employees. At Scaleocity Works, we design your compensation and benefits strategy around several key factors.

Governance and Compliance

Many Industries require and understanding of governance practices and policies, as well as
industry and government rules and regulations pertaining to employment, salaries, benefits,
and more.


Compensation Design

Compensation design delves deeper into the equation than just base salary. It involves cash compensation audits, market benchmarking, financial modeling, and more in order to design
an effective compensation and benefits package.


Compensation Benchmarking

What is “fair” compensation? We offer advanced compensation benchmarking to ensure
that your offers stand out for all the right reasons and attract talent for the long term.


Benefits Architecting

How competitive is your benefits package? How does it stack up against emerging trends? Does it offer what potential recruits actually want? We deliver custom benefits design and architecting to ensure competitiveness and value, combined with cost-effectiveness.

At Scaleocit Works, we help ensure your success by ensuring you can attract the key talent needed for growth and stability. Your compensation and benefits packages play a vital role in the. We invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more.

Employee Rewards

In most industries, it is no longer necessary to restrict your salary planning to a fixed annual rate. Employees today are willing to work with their employer on a less-traditional salary schedule, and are eager to feel compensated based on their contributions. Consider implementing employee rewards based on performance in lieu of or in addition to fixed salary plans. Employee rewards based on performance ain lieu of or in addition to fixed salary plans. Employee rewards may be based on a predetermined annual metric and paid in the form of a yearly bonus, or they may be more regularly occuring throughout the year. Whatever your appetitie is for implementing a new system of compensation, Scaleocity Works has the expertise and resources to assist you.

Executive Compensation

Executives today have options for where to work, and designing an executive compnesation plan that attracts and retains top talent requires skills, expertise and strategy. Scaleocity Works has supported executive hiresin a diverse array of industries and organization types, affording us the luxurt to be able to consult from a very wide pool of knowledge and experience.

An effective executive compensation plan must include a combination of both financial and non-financial benefits that will appropriately align with the talent an organization seeks to attract and retain. Beyond that, it must be appropriately communicated and presented in a manner that is appealing to high-level profressionals. Scaleocity Works has the experience to suport both requirements, appropriately targeting your next executive hire with a compensation plan that will keep then engaged.

Sales Incentive Plans

Building a high-performing sales team makes more than just an effective compensation plan, other efforts are sure to be insufficient. The day to day of a salesperson demands incentivization: if not appropriately designed, the sales team is not likely to feel appropriately motivated. Scaleocity Works has expertise in helping to build and develop sales teams, and ensuring sales incentive plans are appropriate for the expected size and frequency of sales will be a vital step in setting up your organization’s sales  team for success.