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Scaleocity Works sets the stage for businesses to grow at a speed and in a direction that is sustainable, successful and will ultimately change the world of work. Scaleocity Works is a global consulting firm focused on workplace strategy, the reinvention of HR and business information.

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Scaleocity Works provides employers with a full suite of human resource management solutions that integrate and blend into the business. We are there to help businesses navigate the most complex issues of the day.


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The Benefits of Automating Your Accruals

The Benefits of Automating Your Accruals

In the HR world, accruals refer to time off, sick leave and vacation time that ‘accrues’ as an employee works for the organization. For example, a company may offer four days of paid leave per quarter. When the employee has worked six months, they have accrued eight days of paid leave and continue to build up a bank of time.

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