The Importance of Creating Workforce Mobility

Written by Brian Montes

On February 28, 2021
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As organizations are looking for ways to become more agile, and as the demand for a more collaborative workforce grows faster, companies are also looking for ways to get the best out of their workforce. Increasingly, the workforce today has become not only more globally distributed but has also become more digitally connected.

Converging lines of evidence have proven that companies that invest in employee collaboration and teamwork will boost productivity five times more than organizations that do not invest in it. Hence, an agile workforce is a productive workforce and one of the key characteristics of an agile workforce is a mobile one.

There is no better time to embrace workforce mobility than now. The purpose of this article is to provide the importance of creating workforce mobility and how it is important for your business continuity.

Here are some of the importance of creating workforce mobility.

Workforce Mobility Is Critical for Your Business Continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently shaping how organizations view workforce mobility. HR managers have realized that employee mobility should be part of their organization’s continuity planning and resilience strategy. The pandemic forced many companies to switch to remote work which is expected to be a new normal in the future.

The pandemic brought some widely ignored organizational questions into the spotlight. For instance, how do you backfill a resource shortage during a pandemic or because of sick leave?

Additionally, how do you handle critical functions when

employees, have limited work goes due to new added responsibilities such as career development programs or childcare?

The answer is obviously in a workforce mobility plan that automatically fills the gap in their talent inventory of skills. This approach ensures that you build a workforce that brings out the best in people through agile, strong, and dynamic communities.

Boosts Employee Productivity

Employees are increasingly looking out for jobs that will boost their work-life balance. Converging lines of evidence have proven that 80% of workers believe they feel some kind of stress at work Moreover, more than
42% of these feel they need some form of stress management help. Hence, most employees have poor

work-life balance and this affects their productivity on the job. However, with employee mobility in place, your staff can work from anywhere, and when they can work from anywhere, they can deliver more. This ultimately results in happier employees and hence better performance.

Broader Talent Pool

Workforce mobility encourages access to a wide talent pool across anywhere in the world. Having the ability to hire talent from anywhere in the world expands your talent pool and enables you to deliver business results faster. Having access to the best talent at any point enables you to adapt and respond quickly to market demands and meet unforeseeable circumstances.
Additionally, an agile workforce is built from having employees’ new roles where they can discharge their duties based on their skills and motivation.

Skilled Workforce Ready to Get The Job Done

A business culture built around workforce mobility empowers employees to work based on what they want to do, tailored to their needs and ambitions. Additionally, this boosts employee retention and gives them a sense of autonomy over their career journey. Also, employees are empowered to experience more

learning opportunities that will add value to their lives with a higher sense of fulfillment. The ultimate result of this is a motivated, skilled workforce that is readily available for any task no matter the circumstances and business challenges that come your way. Additionally, this builds a greater sense of responsibility and more value and trust.


There is no better time to take advantage of workforce mobility than now. Mobile workers will continue to grow to the point that it may even become the future of work. Workforce mobility enables organizations to hire the best talent regardless of location. Additionally, workforce mobility enables you to build a large talent
pool where there is no defined place where an employee must be every day.

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